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General guideline for all posts

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:11 pm    Post subject: General guideline for all posts Reply with quote

Please refrain yourself from spams, name calling, etc. This is an open forum for all Tony's fans to discuss, share your resources, meet and mingle.

If you have a particular issue to raise, please either post it here under Announcement, or under Issues & Concerns (issues to be discuss with other fans).



Guests are free to read!

If you like to post, please click on register (top right corner) to become a member before posting.

It requires an email account to open. The process is fairly simple - fill out the forms and it will send an automated email message your email box alerting that your status is waiting for approval.

The approval process generally shouldn't take more than couple days (1-3 days, less than a week). Info and I get these messages to click on "OK" button to activate the membership. It is just a process to keep the forum relatively free of spams. Once your membership is activated, you will receive an email message alerting you so. You can start posting like regular folks who hang out here. There is no limit to how many posts you can write up here.



To abbreviate what news is: it's a piece of information people like to share with others. For this particular forum, hopefully it's something related to Tony, Movie Programs, Television Programs, People (friends or foe or fictitious characters) Tony might know, and Events Tony might be engaged in (Hong Kong events). Some times it may contain gossips (as evident in some of the postings here).

Journalism, on the other hand, is a method of inquiry and literary style that aims to provide a service to the public by the dissemination and analysis of news and other information. Journalistic mediums can vary diversely, from print publishing to electronic broadcasting, and from newspaper to television channels, as well as to the web, and to digital technology.

As a newspaperman or newspaperwoman, people spent most of their time in a News Agency or a Magazine Agency. It's a desk job with occasional traveling assignment.

Tony Leung Schedule, is something monitored by Info (a long time Tony fan from Hong Kong). I think she spent quite a bit time online (like most of the Tony fans here), finding out the latest photos & news on Tony. I have met Info once in person (2013). I also spoke with her a couple of times when I visited Hong Kong years ago (2008). She is a genuine person who does care about Tony's well being.

To note again: This is a fan site, not an official website. I think Tony used to have an official website (but it's not updated anymore).


How to Post

If you have a new thread (some bright ideas or news to share), click on "newtopic" icon on the top left corner.

If you simply want to reply to an existing thread, click on "postreply" icon on the top left corner.

After you finish your post, click on preview or submit. I usually just go for the submit. Too much hassle to preview something - it's not like there is that much to review - unless you have written a long message. My recommendation is to write a couple paragraphs, then submit. Write a few more if you still have the urge, and submit. This way, nothing really gets lost. Mind you: the internet is NOT up 24X7. I have been to places before I can send an email message that gets stuck (disconnected service from time to time, over-active networks etc). Anything goes. Laughing


Some of the tips for this forum
(special codes for this edition of message board, it's not html)

If you have a photo to share, click on Img once to open the bracket, enter your photo url, then click on Img icon again to close the bracket. It will look like this:

If you have a link to share, you can just copy/paste the link like this:

If you would like to bold face your font, click on B once to open the bracket, enter your text, then click on B icon again to close the bracket. It will look like this:

some text........

If you are into emoticons, which I am. After you finish writing a paragraph, or at the middle of something, you can insert by clicking the emoticons on the left-hand side. Cool Sometimes it will show up like a smiling face turned counterclock-wise 90 degrees... I know it sounds weird, but that is what it is. Rolling Eyes

FYI: the previous board is now in archival form. It's listed on the top left corner (again). It's called "archival tony board (2003-2012)."


Benefits of being a member

Okay, so what the heck is a member vs. guest you want to know? Well, being a member you can edit your posts, and you can delete your own posts.

In addition, you can send private messages to other members (it's like having your own email box), although I wouldn't recommend anyone to abuse these things. This is not an email service! If you send messages, please remember to trim it down, removing older messages. Keep it lean so at least the forum will be available. All of these are running on the same server! Crying or Very sad

FYI (For your information):
Max posts in Inbox: 50
Max posts in Sentbox: 25
Max posts in Savebox: 50

Being a member you can track your own posts. Like how many times you have submitted something, etc.

Moreover, you can get into more movie things like post movie fictions, track movies, articles, photos, etc... You name it. It's really for the die-hard that wants to do something on a regular basis. (daily, weekly, monthly).


Some of the common abbreviated letters on the forum

7 Days of the week:

Monday: mon.
Tuesday: tues.
Wednesday: wed.
Thursday: thur.
Friday: fri.
Saturday: sat.
Sunday: sun.

12 Months of a year:

January: jan.
February: feb.
March: mar.
April: apr.
May: may.
June: jun.
July: jul.
August: aug.
September: sept.
October: oct.
November: nov.
December: dec.

Time of the day:

Midnight to Noon (12am - 12pm): am
Noon to Midnight (12pm - 12am): pm

A particular day might be formatted in various ways.

For instance:
May 1, 2014
May 1st, 2014
01 May, 2014


For the Chinese speaking folks:

Day 白天
today 今天
yesterday 昨天
tomorrow 明天

weekday 平日
weekend 周末

morning 上午
noon 中午
evening 晚上

breakfast 早餐
lunch 午餐
dinner 晚餐

One Week: 一星期
Monday 星期一
Tuesday 星期二
Wednesday 星期三
Thursday 星期四
Friday 星期五
Saturday 星期六
Sunday 星期日

month: 月份
January: 一月
February: 二月
March: 三月
April: 四月
May: 五月
June: 六月
July: 七月
August: 八月
September: 九月
October: 十月
November: 十一月
December: 十二月

Four Seasons: 季節
spring 春天
summer 夏天
fall, autumn 秋天
winter 冬天

Direction: 方位
north 北
south 南
east 东
west 西
center 中
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